Bow Legs No More – 5 Tips on How To Fix the Condition Naturally

Ever noticed anyone whose knees are spread far apart from each other when standing? Could this be you or your teenage kid? Whichever the case may be, that condition is known as bowed legs. The name came to be as a result of the outward bowing of the lower leg which eventually gives the affected person an appearance of an archer’s bow.

how to fix bow legs

So have you been trying to figure out how to fix bow legs without resorting to surgery?

If yes, you’re at the right place! We’re going to explore just about everything you need to know about the condition coupled with several different ways to fix it. Sounds good? Let’s get to it!

First things First — What Are Bow Legs?

Essentially, bow leg is a condition which keeps the patients’ knees far apart from each other while the feet and ankles are together. Now, it’s pretty normal for babies to be born with bowed legs — it’s typically as a result of their folded position while in their mother’s womb. The good thing is, babies, bowed legs are likely to straighten when they start walking — it doesn’t require any treatment whatsoever.

However, the condition is termed abnormal when it’s still present in grown children, teens or adults. For the most part, bow legs may be an issue if a child still has it at the age of 3 — it’s in your best interest to address the problem to avoid further complications.

Note: a toddler with bowed legs should start improving at the ages of 12 months to 19 months.


Causes of Bow Legs

It’s important to note that there are certain medical conditions that can cause bow legs. For starters, Blount’s disease is a condition which affects normal bone growth resulting in the abnormal growth of the upper portion of the tibia which eventually leads to bow legs. The good thing is, Blount’s disease is treatable and can even be corrected with leg braces.

Here’s are some primary causes of bow legs

  • Abnormal bone development
  • Injury or fracture
  • Rickets as a result of vitamin D deficiency
  • Lead or fluoride poisoning
  • And of course, Blount’s disease

how to fix bow legs with bow legs no more

How to Correct Bow Legs?

As noted earlier, it’s critical to learn how to fix bow legs in teens or adults; failure to do this will only lead to severe conditions like arthritis.

Here are few ways to normal tips for bow leg fix

  1. Leg Exercises

For starters, leg exercises are effective if the bowed legs condition is slight for bow legs no more — you might not see improvement in severe cases. Essentially, the exercises are aimed at strengthening the muscles around your knees, thus reducing the strain on your joints and tendons — do it right, and you’ll see impressive results.

Here’s one of the exercises you would want to try

  • Just start by lying flat on the bench while bending toward the knees. Be sure to place a 10-pound weight in between your feet while in this position. Now proceed to bend your legs till you touch your rear and then extend them. Try to repeat the process multiple times for great results.
  1. Lose Weight

It’s also important to know that obesity can worsen the condition and that’s terrible. Excess weight will only stress the knees and hips as they’ll have to work harder to support your whole body. The worst part is, your joints will eventually succumb to the extra pressure and get distorted. So, it’s in your best interest to shed those extra pounds — you can do this by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

  1. Take Vitamin D

Still trying to figure out how to fix bow legs? Well, just increase your vitamin D levels. As we mentioned earlier, bow legs can be as a result of rickets, a condition that arises when you fail to take enough vitamin D. So, increasing your intake can help prevent rickets and hopefully, correct bow legs.

  1. Yoga

Yoga for bow legs is yet another effective means of correcting bowlegs thanks to its ability to boost flexibility and alignment. It’s sure to be an excellent idea to use yoga straps if you’re looking to achieve yoga postures — the straps help bind the legs together during exercises. For the most part, yoga works wonders on bow legs by strengthening leg muscles.

  1. Braces

Bowlegs can also be corrected with the help of some special casts and leg braces — this is especially effective in young children. You would want to stick to the braces if the condition is rather severe or if there are underlying problems that need to be addressed. Just be sure that the child wears the medical braces till the leg bones straighten.



Bow Legs No More Review

And that’s it! These are five sure ways on how to fix bow legs without going under the knife — now; you only have to act on what you’ve read! “bow legs no more” Here’s to perfect straight legs!

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