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Females have a complex body with thousands of hormones firing and affecting their life. Women’s are considered to have mood swings, and the prime reason behind it is this hormonal imbalance. Female body can have drastic effects if even the simplest hormones get disturbed. If the production of hormones increased or decreased both can affect the menstruation cycle, and eventual can affect the health of vagina. So same is the case in Fishy odor no discharge from bacterial vaginosis, it is a condition in which due to any hormonal  imbalance or contamination the pH of the vagina becomes basic which helps the bacteria to multiply in large number producing disturbing smell and discomfort.

Fishy odor no discharge

Bacteria are the reason for fishy odor:

The female vagina has a normal flora which keeps the vagina acidic and helps inhibit the growth of any fungus or any other bacteria from surrounding environment. But problems arise when the number of this bacteria, i.e. normal flora increase due to any of following reason:

  • Multiple sex partners.
  • New sex partner.
  • Douches.
  • Smoking.
  • Insertion of any foreign object in the vagina.
  • Allergic reaction.
  • Unhygienic habits.

When any of the above-mentioned events occur the vaginal bacteria grown abnormally and produce a metabolite which is the reason that fish smell is produced in the vagina, just like rotted fish. This fishy odor no discharge is produced not because vaginal walls are being degraded by bacteria, it is produced because the bacteria when making a large number of colonies then it releases a secondary metabolite to help protect its colonies and also to inhibit the growth of other possible fungus or bacteria’s. This secondary metabolite changes the pH of the vagina from acidic to basic hence which provide a perfect medium for any microorganism to grow or multiply.


Bacteria’s grow well in wet damp and warn environment, so vagina, when become basic, provide all favorable conditions for any microorganisms to grow.

Home remedy

  • Vinegar.
  • Wash with Dettol or potash alum.

Reasons for a vagina to smell:

Following are the most common reason for a vagina to smell:

  • Bacterial vaginosis.
  • Yeast infection.
  • STDs (sexually transferred infection)

for mostly main root cause come from……



Bacterial vaginosis

This term sound very huge and scary but, it’s not as dangerous as it sounds. It’s a very common disease with Fishy odor no discharge. Infect this is very common reason for most of the fishy smelling vaginal odor. According to research it’s stated that women will experience BV once in their reproductive year. So they should be aware of its signs and symptoms, and first line or firsthand treatment that could be done at home. They might not require going to a doctor and can resolve this condition at home.


As already mentioned that the cause is unknown, but unprotected sex could be the prime cause. Other symptoms are itching, discharge and soreness of vagina. But in all cases with fish odor female might not experience discharge which indicates that the growth of bacteria is yet not exceeded to a certain level and the disease can be controlled by home remedies, patient do not need to take antibiotics.

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