What is BV (Bacterial Vaginosis)

For question about what is BV? Bacterial vaginosis is also termed as vaginal bacteriosis. It is the prime cause of infection in vagina especially in those females who are sexually active. It is developed due to many reasons but the prime reasons are following:

Bacterial vaginosis

It is developed in following cases:

  1. Sexual intercourse with a new sexual partner.
  2. Unhygienic conditions.

This disease is not considered as STD (sexually transmitted disease) because it is not contagious or transferred to any partner, its just because of imbalance in the pH of the vagina. When a female vagina becomes basic it starts getting infections and develop fungal infections as well. It is a mild infection of vagina

what is BV

Causes of Bacterial Vaginosis

There are so many medical and healthcare professionals who have been researching this filed for so long but failed to find out the exact reason of this disease. This disease is caused by bacterias and due to change in vaginal pH:

Following are the reason of infection:

  • Multiple sex partners or having a new sex partner.
  • Douche.


If a woman wants to prevent the prognosis of bacterial vaginosis after knowing what is BV, she should be careful who is her sex partner and should avoid smoking or douches. If the vaginal pH is also kept acidic even the this disease could be prevented.


Signs and symptoms of the vaginal disease are very common and basic.

  • Smelly vaginal discharge.
  • White opaque or smelly yellowish discharge.
  • Fish smell odor.
  • This smell could get worse after sex.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases can also be the cause of this vaginal disorder.


Its diagnosis is very easy it is made by doing following steps:

  • Asking patients about the symptoms.
  • Doing a pelvic examination.
  • A sample of vaginal discharge.

Then these samples are tested and then the bacterias are detected, if the test is positive then patient may be diagnosed and medication is then used to treat this disease.


Problems bacterial vaginosis can cause

Although it is not very dangerous or deadly disease if following conditions are present it may be a problem:

  • Pregnancy:

Chances of miscarriage increases if the female was having vaginal disease occurs. Premature birth, infection of the uterus after birth.

  • Pelvic infection:

Females with vaginal infections may suffer from pelvic infection if the females undergo C-section, abortion, and treatment of uterus.

  • STD (sexually transmitted diseases):

Chances increase if the patient is already suffering from vaginal infection. The patient may get HIV if an infected person gets intact with him.

Its prime cause is the imbalance of vaginal pH. Once the patient prevents this imbalance she will get cured. The patient herself can diagnose either she is suffering from any fungal infection or it is bacterial vaginosis, but for this she should first know what is BV (bacterial vaginosis). This disease mostly clears up by its self with little care and precaution, but this case is not same in all the women, in some women it gets worst if left untreated and in some it comes back with more severity. So antibiotic is the best treatment for such kind of diseases.

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