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Laugh, it's good for your health!

Laughter is a formidable weapon against many ills. Yet we laugh much less than our ancestors.


The fatigue that pregnant women in particular feel, once all the pathologies that can occur during pregnancy have been eliminated, can be directly linked to insufficient intake.


10% of smokers quit smoking for fear of gaining weight. Women who quit smoking gain 2.8 kg and men 3.8 kg. Visit our website to find out how to do this.


When the diagnosis comes, cruelly, most of the time we think there's no way out. However, cancers are being treated better and better and depending on their nature, there are different therapies to consider.


HPVs are small viruses that can infect humans and some mammals. About 20 of them preferentially affect the vagina, vulva and cervix


Many women or 6 million women are treated for high blood pressure. Indeed, the leading cause of female mortality remains cardiovascular diseases. According to CFLHTA, 7% of women claim to have had high blood pressure when taking a contraceptive pill.

Menopause: treating symptoms gently

Hot flashes, weight gain, irritability... Stop! We stop everything to live well through menopause thanks to alternative medicine. Hormone replacement therapy has been proven effective, but it is not commonly prescribed. Fortunately, alternative medicine offers beautiful alternatives.


Lose weight from the bottom

To lose weight from the bottom up, you have to adopt good eating habits. On the food side, you have to be careful with fat, salt and sugar. The most important thing is the acid-base balance.

Contraceptive patch

Any woman under 45 years of age who can use a combined pill can use a contraceptive patch. This is a small patch that is stuck to the skin and contains the progestin and a synthetic estrogen, like the vaginal ring or pill.

Working hours

Working hours have an impact on women's health, according to one study. Women who work more than 40 hours a week are at high risk of chronic disease.


Several millions of people every year resort to facelifts, a surgical technique that exerts a fascination worthy of an elixir of youth. 45% of French women over the age of 50 consider that aesthetic medicine is a necessity to keep a young face without wrinkles. It is a mental therapy for those who do not like to get old. More on plastischechirurgie-forum.nl.

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