Women’s well-being

Well-being: Tips for fighting fatigue

Faced with a problematic situation, an average person is stressed. Generally speaking, stress is a psychological response emitted by the body in a given case. It is true that stress is not necessarily bad. Nevertheless, it can cause harmful consequences…

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How to regain beautiful skin after 40 years?

In addition to the gestures to take care of the face, there are several tips to rejuvenate in a natural way. If at age 40, you notice that expression lines start to deepen, you can count on certain tips to…

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Uses, significance and healing properties of labradorite

Labradorite belongs to the feldspar oligoclase group and is a sodium aluminum silicate. It is translucent to semi-opaque. Labradorite is a mineral of fascinating beauty. It is one of the minerals whose charm is not fully perceived and can be…

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The Vitamin Cure: Fill up with energy to fight winter!

The human body needs energy to find form and stay alive. If necessary, the body needs to be boosted urgently with the vitamins that are available in pods. For example, a vitamin C tablet to strengthen the immune system, a…

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Urinary Wellness: learning how to avoid urinary tract infections

A urinary tract infection is an infection of the urinary tract that can be caused by bacteria. It is one of the most unpleasant diseases because the urinary tract is very close to the genital tract, it even shares the…

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Well-being and relaxation at home: the advantages of the hammam shower

The hammam, also known as a “Moorish bath” is a wet steam bath. Practiced since antiquity, it has become an established part of morals in the West, Africa and the East. If it has been able to attract so many…

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