Uses, significance and healing properties of labradorite

Labradorite belongs to the feldspar oligoclase group and is a sodium aluminum silicate. It is translucent to semi-opaque. Labradorite is a mineral of fascinating beauty. It is one of the minerals whose charm is not fully perceived and can be overlooked if it is not seen from the right angle. Generally, a dull looking mineral, dark grey to grey-green, has no particular virtue until the coloured schiller effect appears shiny and glittering on the surface. The attraction of labradorite comes from the phenomenal quality of its peacock-like iridescence, caused by internal twinning striations and a lamellar structure in the stone. It shows labradorescence (a mineral that shows a brilliant play of colours on the surface of the stone). This effect is due to light interference from lattice distortions in the stone. The main colours of the stone are green, blue, gold, orange, red and sometimes purple. To better see this effect, it must be in a light source.

Labradorite is found in Canada, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia and the United States

In the 1940s, full-coloured labradorite, called spectrolite, was discovered in Finland. This stone is named after Labrador and is associated with many ancient magical practices in the region, including knot rituals. Labradorite will help you if your family life is in conflict or if you are feeling depressed in your life. In the workplace, Labradorite facilitates changes in your management and work practices. It is a source of inspiration for fiction writers, playwrights and composers.

Labradorite and Physical Health

Labradorite can help reveal the nature of "mysterious diseases". It can show the patterns that created the disease and can amplify thoughts and prayers for healing. Labradorite is beneficial for the general health of the eyes, nervous system, brain, spinal cord and bones. This stone is useful when you need to rebalance the distribution of chemicals in the brain, especially for people with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease, optic neuritis, retinal problems and psychotic episodes. It is a mineral that relieves stress and regulates metabolism. It treats colds, gout, rheumatism, balances hormones and relieves menstrual tension. Labradorite will lower blood pressure.

Labradorite and feelings

Labradorite can help uncover unconscious and subconscious belief patterns that generate unpleasant emotional states. It can help you become clearly aware of beliefs, inner discourse and the influence of the ego on your usual emotional state. Labradorite guides you towards understanding your relationship with yourself. It also allows you to see through the different layers of your emotions. It is ideal when you are reinventing yourself. This mineral helps you throughout the cycle of knowing your previously hidden aspects and allows you to recognize characteristics that have been overshadowed by old preconceived ideas. This stone banishes the fears, insecurities and psychic debris of previous disappointments, including those experienced in the past. Labradorite builds self-confidence and confidence in the universe. It suppresses the projections of other people. It is a useful companion as you move through changes in your life, giving you strength and perseverance.

Labradorite and the Spirit

Labradorite is a philosopher's stone, which helps you examine the corners of your mind. Use this stone to shed light on the knowledge and wisdom within you. A good study tool, it helps you to stimulate your intelligence. It is also useful for contemplation and amplifies your ability to perceive life through a wide-angle lens. Look into this stone to allow the light to refract inside, while you imagine or visualize the answers to all the questions you are looking for and that arise in your consciousness. Use this stone in the world of commerce to pick up on the intricacies of the market and make smart business choices. This mineral calms hyperactive minds and channels the energies of the imagination to bring you new ideas. It helps increase your analytical skills and rationality. Labradorite helps one to move between realities and connect to invisible realms. It improves psychic abilities and increases your ability to visualize and perceive with the inner eye. The labradorite is especially useful for magical and ritual work and serves as psychic protection for those who travel and serve on other levels of reality. Labradorite helps you to reflect on your inner light. It helps you recognize the varying effects of light, color and sound on your consciousness and spiritual practices. This makes it a good stone for those interested in metaphysics. It is a useful stone for meditation, lucid dreaming, psychic development and spiritual awareness. It expands the consciousness of the heart and mind. Labradorite diverts unwanted energies from the aura and prevents energy leakage. It forms a barrier against negative energies that are released during meditation and therapy. Labradorite aligns the physical with the aura and achieves a spiritual goal. It raises consciousness and founds spiritual energies in the physical body. This mineral stimulates intuition and psychic gifts. It helps contemplation and introspection during meditation. It is a highly mystical and protective stone, it brings light into your life. It raises consciousness and connects to universal energies.

The labradorite and the chakras

If the solar plexus chakra is out of balance, you may feel critical of others, intimidated and need constant changes. You may also feel that you are not recognized for your actions or achievements or have difficulty learning new tasks. Use this stone on the solar plexus chakra to bring empathy into your life and improve your psychic abilities. It will open your clairvoyant abilities. It is one of the minerals that will help to heal digestive, stomach, liver and gall bladder ailments. Use this stone when the true cause of a disease has to be found. If the third eye chakra is out of balance, you may be overly sensitive to the opinions of others about you and then minimize the behavior of others to make you feel better. You may also be envious of others' success and unable to recognize your own. With this stone, you can open up and enhance your intuitive perceptions, creative imagination and visualization skills. This stone will help balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It will promote the health of your sinuses, eyes, ears and face.

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