Well-being and relaxation at home: the advantages of the hammam shower

The hammam, also known as a "Moorish bath" is a wet steam bath. Practiced since antiquity, it has become an established part of morals in the West, Africa and the East. If it has been able to attract so many followers, it is because it has enormous virtues for health and morale. Its benefits have also prompted individuals to install a hammam shower in their homes. Thus, they will be able to relax while staying at home.

A space of relaxation at home

A hammam shower is a relaxation area accessible at any time of the day, as you can enjoy it at any time of the day. This way, you no longer have to go to spas and establishments offering this kind of service. In addition, since it provides well-being, it is mainly used to free oneself from stress and negative energies. This is possible thanks to the atmosphere it offers. Indeed, the warmth and calm it brings soothes the nervous system. Not to mention the light it offers, especially if it is a modern hammam.

Very practical equipment

A hammam shower is not only for your well-being. Indeed, as its name suggests, you can also take a shower there. This makes it a two-in-one facility. As such, it has several functions to provide optimum comfort. For example, it is integrated with an essential oil diffuser that allows you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. This helps to relieve respiratory problems and to relieve congestion in the bronchial tubes. The design hammam or modern hammam models also have an LED injector that allows you to enjoy the virtues of light therapy. The hammam shower column also offers hydromassage. A feature that has the advantage of relieving various disorders related to joints and bones.

An ideal beauty treatment

As a reminder, the hammam shower evacuates a water vapor that provides incredible virtues on the skin. Indeed, it promotes the dilation of pores, which helps eliminate toxins present in the epidermis. In the long term, it gives radiance and softness to the skin, especially if the skin is tired. The hammam shower also helps to get rid of excess weight, at least if it is caused by stress (anxiety generally promotes appetite). Indeed, by relaxing the body and mind, it avoids the production of cortisol, a hormone that causes stress.

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