Healing through magnets

Are you familiar with magnet therapy or magnetic therapy?

Magnetic therapy is the use of continuous magnetic fields for therapeutic purposes.

How does it work?

The effectiveness of therapeutic magnets is due to the combination of three actions: 1) They reduce the action potential of the C-fibres of the peripheral nerves, which means that they decrease the transmission to the brain of pain messages carried by the nerves in the painful area. 2) Therapeutic magnets induce a very weak electric current (not perceptible to the consciousness of the treated individual) in the subcutaneous vessels in the area where they are applied. This is the principle of magnetic conduction (Faraday's law). The brain locates this "aggressor" signal, geo-locates it and in response, produces endorphins (our strongest natural painkillers) which it directs through the bloodstream to this area of the electromagnetic signal. They therefore stimulate the secretion of our powerful endogenous opioids to soothe the pain. 3) They help restore the original magnetic field of the damaged area to return the diseased area to normal and help heal. This is called magnetic homeostasis.

What are the main actions of magnets?

There are four of them: an analgesic and anti-inflammatory action, in a word pain relief, an action of energetic rebalancing, a soothing, relaxing action that favours relaxation and sleep and an action on liquids, in particular the magnetisation of water. This unknown aspect is however very interesting. Indeed, water subjected to a magnetic field acquires particularly hydrating properties, favouring intercellular exchanges. Its action on digestion is quite simply remarkable. Regularly drinking one and a half liters of magnetized water is the natural solution for constipation problems that particularly affect women.

What can be treated with therapeutic magnets?

All or almost everything, magnetotherapy relieves joint, muscle and rheumatic pain, circulatory disorders, headaches, toothache, angina, sore throat, digestive and intestinal disorders, sleep disorders, and the list is not exhaustive. One could summarize the action of therapeutic magnets, they treat all the pathologies in -algia (i.e. pain) and all the pathologies in -ite (i.e. inflammations).

And can osteoarthritis be treated with magnets?

Yes, osteoarthritis is also relieved by wearing therapeutic magnets. It is quite obvious that magnets do not allow the cartilage to grow back, but the sedation of the pain allows the joint to articulate and move again. And as we well know, it is movement that nourishes the joint, so it is very important to establish a virtuous circle. The less painful the joint is, the more it is solicited and the more it is solicited, the less it is painful. It is the movement that allows the supply of micronutrients to the cartilage. It can be said that magnetotherapy slows down the development of osteoarthritis.

Is magnetotherapy within everyone's reach?

Yes, for 25 years Auris has been developing this therapy and the "tools" that go with it to make it easy to use. We can say that magnetotherapy is a simple, effective, inexpensive, non-invasive method without any undesirable side effects.

Can I use any magnet?

No, not all magnets are equal, it is the quality and power of a magnet that makes it a therapeutic magnet. It is very important to check the characteristics which must be clearly indicated. Only neodymium magnets are powerful enough to have an analgesic effect. A magnet is defined by its remanence which, for a neodymium magnet, must be 12,200 Gauss, the Gauss being the unit of measurement of the magnetic field.

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