How do you clean jewelry with rubies?

jewelry with rubies

There are many different gen quality rubies in an array of hues that can match your desires and wardrobe. Regardless of the color that this gemstones come with, they tend to remain lovely year after year with good reason. These days, there are many ruby stone jewelry you can get in the market for any outfit you have.

Rubies have been in man's possession for centuries now and by cultures across the globe. According to the history of rubies, it has been in trading and transport along the northern Silk Road dated as far back as 200 BC. Rubies are mentioned in the bible several times and were used mainly by ancient Romans. It was believed to have protective abilities to the wearer against any harm, instill passion and inspire courage.

Up to date, rubies remain one of the most precious and popular gifts you can give your loved ones.

Rubies and their durability

You are lucky if you are the holder of this vibrant, and brilliant gemstone. The only challenge is to know how to take care of it to last for a long time in its original and best condition. Fortunately, this sparkling mineral forms part of the very tough gems in the world according to the Mohs scale or hardness.

Rubies can stand harsh conditions and the rigors associated with daily activities. However, like any other gemstone, rubies can crack or chip because of blunt impact. This is true, especially when it is incorporated in a bracelet or a ring. Therefore, it is advisable to remove your rubies jewelry before performing any household and gardening tasks.

How to maintain the good looks of your rubies

• Ensure your rubies are as clean as possible. You can apply different products like sprays, perfume, and lotion on the surface before wearing them.
Foreigner material and matter tend to stick on rubies surfaces since they are very hard hence causing a cloudy or faded appearance.

• Eliminate dullness. You can eliminate jewelry dullness even at home by applying a mixture of warm water and mild liquid soap.
Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the jewelry mounting and your rubies.
Use clean water to gently clean and dry using a lint-free cloth to get sparkling results.

• Using solution specifically for cleaning minerals. There are many over-the-counter solutions that can help make your crystals look beautiful every time you wear them.
Ensure you get the right solution depending on the type of metal used in jewelry fabrication.
Using the wrong solution can cause irreversible damage to your gemstone if not corrected soon.

• You can take part in ultrasonic cleaning. This process is necessary to get the shine and sparkling nature of the jewelry.
This device takes advantage of the high-frequency sound waves in conjunction with the cleaning solution or water to get rid of the oil and dirt accumulated on the surface of the gem.

• Do checking if your rubies are a victim of a hard knock. There are unique magnification lens used to check gems for cracks and loose stones.
If you wear your gemstones regularly, it is important to have periodic check-ups to ensure that the stone is sitting securely in the mounting.

• Ask for help from a professional jeweller. Jewelry repair is among the most delicate work in the market. Therefore, look for a professional o tighten loose rubies. Avoid DIY approaches since it can cause irreparable damages.

• Avoid storing rubies in bags or containers with other gems. Ensure that you lay your gemstones separately in smooth and flat compartments to avoid scratching of more easily and softer gemstones.
For example, you can use some jewelry pouches to store your crystals. Also, you can consider having a jewelry box that has many compartments to store minerals separately.

Minimal maintenance and occasional cleaning will keep your jewelleries clean and sparkling for years.

How to clean rubies

Jewelleries are one of the best ways to show love and romance. Rubies are the most vibrant, radiant, and strongest gemstones on earth. Therefore, it is essential to offer proper care and cleaning to ensure jewelries remain useful and shining throughout. With the application of some patience, elbow grease, and regular protection from harm like abrasive objects and chemicals, rubies can serve you a lifetime.

Below are some of the ways you can clean jewelry with rubies

Clean using soapy water

There are several steps of doing this that include:
Fill a small container or bowl with water.
Add drops of warm water with gentle liquid soap and allow the stone to sink for a maximum of 20 minutes. Avoid hot water. Also, avoid overcrowding your cleaning container if you are cleaning several jewelries.

Scrub away the grime
Use a soft cloth or bristle brush to gently rub your jewelry to loosen up any dirt or debris from the setting and stone. Avoid scrubbing too hard into the deep between crevices to prevent rabies from becoming unsecure.

Return it to water
Observe your jewelry to see if they need more cleaning. If they look clean and shiny, return to the water one last time and swish around to remove any lingering dirt. However, you need to refill the container with water and add the soap solution and allow rubies to soak before scrubbing if they appear a bit dirty.

Dry thoroughly
Using a lint-free and dry cloth, dry your rubies clean. Allow it to dry fully on a cloth or rag before storing or wearing it.

Using ultrasonic cleaner

There are few steps to follow.

Get an ultrasonic cleaner.
Ultrasonic cleaners vary in price. Therefore, you need to consider the hassle, size, and features when buying an ultrasonic cleaner. Get a cleaner that will offer a good and easy experience when cleaning your jewelleries.

Check the jewelleries before cleaning starts.
You can use an ultrasonic cleaner on any jewelry unless it is coated or fracture-filled. Talk to your jeweller to know if your rubies are heat-treated, untreated, or lattice diffused treated.
Sapphires and rubies are strong enough to use ultrasonic cleaner. Other precious gemstones like opal are too delicate to use ultrasonic cleaner. It is easy to clean metal like platinum and gold.

Make your solution
Use a dishwashing liquid and hot water to clean rubies using the ultrasonic cleaner. Add both solutions to the cleaner tank. Also, you can get a non-toxic cleaning solution instead of using homemade ones. Any jewelry cleaner can be used but be keen on the label to know any exceptions.

Mix the solution
Allow the solution to run in the device for about 10 minutes to ensure they mix entirely before using.

Add your jewelleries to the cleaner.
Ensure that you add few pieces into the cleaner to avoid abrasion and scratching during the cleaning process.

Start the cleaning device.
Run the device for a maximum of 20 minutes, depending on the jewelry dirtiness. You need to start with a short time frame if it is your first time cleaning your gemstones and adding time if they remain dirty.

Allow your stones to stay in the cleaner.
At the end of the process, allow your rubies to stay in the device for up to 10 minutes before removing them. Therefore, the loosen grimes and dirt will fall at the bottom of the cleaner.

Scrub your stones gently.
Some grime and dirt might stick on the surface of the rubies. Use a soft bristle brush to scrub gently to remove anything lingering on the surface. After all, stones are clean, dry them using a lint-free cloth.

Maintaining the radiance of the stones.

It is important to have the original radiance of your stone.

Protect your ruby
Avoid wearing jewelry or rubies rings while handling harsh chemicals like hair sprays or cleaning supplies. Ensure your rubies are away from dirt, grimes, makeup debris, and dust to maintain their shine.

Remove your jewelry
Before you do intensive or high-impact work like moving heavy furniture and working out, remove and keep your jewellery in a safe place to avoid rubbing and knocking.

Regular checking
It is possible to damage your rubies during your daily activities. Therefore, be careful and regularly check for damage. Ensure you can detect scratches, nicks, and loose parts during the inspection.

Proper storage
It is important to ensure your rubies are kept away from other stones to avoid possible nicks and scratches. You can wrap your jewelry in a soft cloth or keep it in their pouch or compartment in a box.

In a nutshell

Experts suggest using soap and warm water first when cleaning jewelry. If the dirty is too persistent, you can use the ultrasonic cleaner method for effective and efficient cleaning. After cleaning, let the rubies dry before wearing or storing them to maintain their shine. Taking care of your jewelry is another essential thing to ensure your get the maximum out of them.

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