Cerebral and cardiovascular balance: buy omega-3 supplements

Do you suffer from an Omega 3 deficiency or simply wish to regain a good heart and brain balance? Follow a course of food supplements based on Omega 3 and stay healthy! We will tell you all the secrets of this essential fatty acid.

The benefits of taking food supplements rich in Omega 3

According to the CNIB 2 study, the majority of French people are deficient in omega 3. This is primarily due to the body's inability to produce enough omega-3s, so including omega-3s in the diet is the only solution. However, many people do not always have the reflex to vary their diet and fill up with nutrients. Moreover, the omega 3 content of foodstuffs is not always sufficient to make up for these deficiencies. It is in this context that taking an Omega 3 dietary supplement proves to be a good alternative. Dietary supplementation will indeed make it possible to regulate the rate of nutrients consumed, and thus promote better functioning of the body. Dietary supplements can take several forms, but those based on Omega 3 generally come in fish oil capsules. The Lescuyer laboratory also offers products rich in essential fatty acids, including Omega 3 for a brain and a healthy cardiovascular system.

What foods should I eat to fill up with Omega 3?

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid with many virtues, allowing the body to function properly. It is good for the heart, actively contributes to the nervous and cerebral balance of the human body, but also improves eyesight. On the other hand, Omega 3 is said to help keep morale up, thanks to its direct action in the neurons. To be well in one's head, and to keep the joy of living, there is nothing better than having a sufficient daily intake of Omega 3. Even if this substance cannot be reproduced by the human organism, it is found in many foods. This is why it is important to consume a sufficient and regular quantity of these foods in order to stay healthy. Cod liver oil is the most famous, to fill up with Omega 3. It contains 2664 mg per teaspoon. Linseeds are also good carriers of Omega 3, at a rate of 2338 mg per teaspoon. Mackerel, salmon, nuts... All these foods are rich in this essential fatty acid.

How to choose your Omega 3 supplements?

If you have decided to start an Omega 3 cure, you can go to the dietary supplements department. These are available without a prescription, and can be taken without a doctor's advice. If you suffer from strong deficiencies, it would still be best to make an appointment with a professional before starting. At the time of your choice, pay attention to the following criteria:
  • The number of capsules
Whatever your needs, never forget to check the capacity of the box. The number of capsules you will need will depend on your treatment and the duration of your treatment.
  • The components of the supplement
Again, this will depend on your nutritional needs. Many supplements combine vitamins and Omega 3, while others provide only essential fatty acids.
  • Whether or not to use wild fish
Wild fish oil is much more beneficial to health. Avoid products made from farmed fish.
  • The concentration of Omega 3
This condition is essential to help you follow the dosage necessary for your Omega 3 needs.
  • The manufacturing process of the product
For a better quality, remember to check the manufacturing method of the complement. Choose oil-based products that have undergone a purification process. Those containing vitamin E will prevent the oxidation of Omega 3, so you can keep your product longer.

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